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Christy's Boutique opened October 1, 2012. Our goal is to provide a quality item for an inexpensive price. We offer many items for amazing prices! Feel free to browse around and check out our site! If you don't see what your looking for just ask! We will do our best to get it or make it.


Christy's Boutique

In-Store Items:

* Jewelry                      * Clothing                        * Handmade Tutu Dresses                        * Consignment

* Specialty Jewelry      * Shoes                            *Personalized T-Shirts                               * Pillow Top Dresses

* Hair Accessories        * Scarves                         * Rhinestone Purses/ Regular Purses     * Handmade Skirts

* Build~A~Bow            * Tutu's & Accessoires  * Rhinestone Wallets/ Regular Wallets    * And Much More!

Online Store Items:

* Handmade Personalized Tutu Dresses    * Handmade Onsie Tutu Outfits            * Bottle Cap Jewelry

* Personalized T-Shirts                                 * Bottle Caps for Bows                          * Bottle Cap Keychains

* Build~-A~Bow                                              * Handmade Tutu Skirts